Magic Level

A long time ago, there was a thing called Nokia… and they had these “smartphones”… and they were headed to being the Next Best Thing.

Well, I had created a simple Symbian app (for my Nokia N95) to use the accelerometer as a basic level (hey, for hanging pictures, and other completely silly things).

It was written in Python, and required PyS60 to be installed on the phone to work.

It was fun - just learning to use python, and to work on a mobile phone.

Magic Level is an application that you can use on an accelerometer enabled Symbian phone such as the Nokia N95.

It’s a bit of an experiment in developing on my N95. It has 3 different types of level tools available:

Horizontal Level - You can use this by laying the phone flat, or on its side. Two Axis Level - Best if you lay the phone flat on the surface you’re checking. Vertical Level - Check the levelness of a vertical surface. In all three tools, the actual angle is displayed. You can press the center button (select) to >hold the current reading.