A.k.a Shiny Ball Syndrome, Google Interactive Doodle (GID) Disease (GIDD) causes the user to immediately interact with the doodle upon opening a new window to search for, invariably, something much more important. The unsuspecting victim will “play” with the doodle and within 2 minutes, will have completely forgotten what they came to search for.

One possible solution/workaround/vaccination: Use 150% of your will power to avoid playing with the GID upon first appearance and type your search string as fast as you possibly can into the search box, but don’t press the “Search” button until you’ve completely satiated your inner child’s desire to play with the completely useless, yet infinitely entertaining toy presented for your distraction. WARNING: You may accidentally press on a part of the GID which will cause the doodle’s “related search” - this may cause your search string to be wiped out!

I hope this helps you. Unfortunately for me, I’m extremely susceptible to GID Disease. I can no longer count how many searches I’ve lost (as well as how many brain cells along with them).

[Update 2018-06-07]: I’m not alone! At least one other person feels similarly, and went as far as creating a browser extension to hide the GID.